Sunday, December 17, 2017

Joe Allison - 1969

First couple of minutes on this are a little rough, but Joe has a nice show here.  Rich Green from AFRTS Kwajelein visits with Joe

Ed Masters, International Man Of Mystery

I was paging through an AFKN yearbook.  I knew all of the places and some of the people. Ed Masters I've always wondered about.  Ed came to AFKN from FEN (prior to John Buey) during the Korean War, was there when I was 25 years later.  Well over 30 years as a DAC is a story in itself. Ed's legs were were handicapped.  He never was.  His pain had him awake and monitoring the network 24 hours a day.  I'd make a mistake. Ed's on the batphone patiently explaining how to do it correctly.  I learned a lot.  At the time it was said that he was a rising star in radio, his niece said that a motorcycle accident put an end to that.  Normally such things are easy enough to get details about.  Ed just seems to start with the Korean war, 


Herman Griffith 1968

Sure was some great music.  Herman Griffith came to us from KGFJ.  A while back I found out what the deal was where he's not "hitting the posts", when AFRTS upgraded their studios there wasn't a proper headphone output.  Herman would have been more dependent on a headphone output that most. Love the energy and the music.

All That Jazz 1968

Sometimes there's a show with zero information.  Jack Taylor was playing some smoky jazz in the 1960s

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bobby Troup 1968

Bobby Troup in MASH

Well, here's something we've never heard before.  Bobby Troup was an actor, musician, DJ and husband to Julie London.  He did a show for AFRTS:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wolfman Jack 1975

I was visiting a radio pal "Somewhere I have a Wolfman ET, want it?"  That's an easy question.  The disk was trashed and I've spent most of a year trying to get it to track.  The recruiting shows were recorded at the big deal recording studios rather than AFRTS.  Wolf is on a tear...

Roger Carroll 1976

Here's some more fun from Hollywood with Roger Carroll!  Roger has been a part of this crazy business since the 1940s.  Now, internet streaming

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mary Turner 1984

Time for another visit with Mary Turner, She started at the network in 1981 or so, bringing a new perspective.  It was rocking...

Mary checked in last time with good words about her AFRTS time. 

Andy Mansfield 1963

Andy Mansfield loved his oldies, but when you start doing an oldies show in the 1950s we hear big band and before.  His first show was with his wife but always it was some of his favorites from his collection.

Roland Bynum 1980

Time for some soulin' with Roland.  Roland still makes the magic at KJLH, Los Angeles.